Bazarmaker is the first consumer to consumer marketplace creator. The created marketplace will be vertical in the sense that it supports only one type of products to help users focus on it.
We are the first site to create a C2C marketplace. The created marketplace will be vertical in the sense that it supports only one type of products to help users focus on it. The marketplace will allow any user to offer a product for sales and other users can make an offer and buy it.
Shopify is a normal ecommerce site. The creator of the ecommerce site has products and they are featured on the website. Shopify doesn’t allow for consumers to feature/sell their products on the ecommerce site
eBay is a website offering consumer to consumer marketplace but it’s not specific to one type of products. This allows anybody to post just anything on eBay and thus searching for a product or filtering them is not going to be an easy task. Users are lost in the diversity of products offered there with no easy mechanism to look for something in particular. Say for example, a user is interested to buy a car and he/she wants to be notified whenever there’s an offer that is below $2000. With eBay this is not possible.
Let’s assume you are a car dealer in middle-east gulf area. You remark that there’s a good demand for used cars there. You have also a good amount of used cars to be sold. In order to increase your revenues, you want to be aware of what is on the market already and to include it in your offering. You want to get more information about supply and demand. So you create a marketplace for used car and start inviting people to the website. Sellers will start adding their cars to the site and share the links on their social websites, which will bring buyers in and increase site traffic. In couple of months, you will good database of interested users with steady posts about cars. You will have access to all the new posts and you can connect with the sellers/buyers directly.
Any dealer, marketing expert or a pioneer in a field. If he/she would like to create a website where a commodity is being traded between users. Of course the creator of the marketplace can also put some products to be sold. The creator can also be an expert in this domain and act as a consultant/evaluator for all transactions done online.
No on the contrary. We believe the consumer to consumer marketplaces are unexplored although there is good demand for it especially in user-created goods.
Any user can register, choose a name for their marketplace, attach a domain name to it, define main attributes of the marketplace, change layout and finally choose a theme.
1) Simplicity: You can easily create a new vertical marketplace.
2) Vertical:Focus on one type of products allow usres to know exactly what is being sold and to easily filter results depending on the main features of the product. If what we are searching for is a car then we need to enable users to search based on that field.
3) Payment Integration: The system can be easily integrated with any bank account, paypal (business) or creditcards. Some of this integration need to be approved locally by each government but technically the ability is already in all marketplaces.
4) Localization: The marketplace is originally available in English but it can be localized to the language of your choice. We support also left-to-right and right-to-left languages.
5) No Tech knowledge: We will create the market, host it for you and do all the technical work leaving you the time to focus on the market and its monetization.
6) Theming: Our marketplace comes with a defined theme that can be changed according to your needs and how you see things should fit.
7) Convenience: consumer to consumer marketplace is convenient to users
8) Availability: The marketplace can be accessed from desktop, tablet and mobile.
9) Social: If the consumer chooses to use facebook in logging then all actions can be reflected on facebook and his/her friends can follow his actions on the marketplace.
A user can go to the marketplace, post a product by filling its attribute and maybe some images. Other users will be able to find that product by searching on the marketplace. They can message the owner of the product and enquire about pricing or the product’s state. They can even require an assessment from 3rd party provided by us in the store (usually the marketplace creator or anybody assigned by them).
Yes. The owner of any product of the marketplace can offer it in an auction and other users can submit bids, the one with the highest bid will win.
The marketplace will be hosted at our side and there’s no limit on the data size nor the bandwidth.
We offer the marketplace on a partnership basis with creation fee and revenue sharing basis.
Generally the answer is not possible (but not impossible). We have our own architecture and we need to keep the marketplaces managed and hosted by us. Anyway it’s not impossible to move it to their side.
Yes but you need to manage each from a different account (email).